Our services include twenty-four hour supervision; assistance with bathing, dressing, and personal care as needed; daily housekeeping; and laundry and linen services, as needed. Home health services, like after-hospital recuperative care and in-house doctor visits, are available. Should the resident require it, transportation arrangements are also available. Our caring staff is exemplary and happy to provide whatever assistance we are able to provide. Please contact us if you would like information regarding our current price schedules. 

MEDICATION: We offer supervised medication. In accordance with the regulations required by legislation, all medications are kept under lock and key, and dispensed to residents at the times and in the quantities specified by their medical providers. We work with medical providers and family members to make sure medications are refilled in a timely manner so that there is no interruption in any resident's medication regimen. 

MEALS: We provide three home-cooked, nutritionally-balanced meals, snacks, and beverages. Special diets are available to residents with special dietary needs, such as diabetics. We accommodate special requests, and always have something extra special planned for occasions such as Birthdays or Holidays.

ACTIVITIES: We offer a variety of socializing and stimulating activities, depending on the resident's level of activity, including daily exercise, games, sing-a-longs, movie nights, walks, birthday parties, holiday specials, and discussions regarding current events. Residents are encouraged to participate in light gardening activities suitable for their individual level of ability in our raised garden beds, such as watering and plant care. We have a swimming pool for summer recreation, and regularly visit the beach. Outings can be arranged, and participation in regular visits with other seniors and day programs offered at the nearby Seniors Centre and YMCA are encouraged.  Residents can continue their level of involvement with social and religious organizations. The activities program is posted bi-weekly. 

SURROUNDINGS: Our residence is situated in a park-like settings and all rooms offer views of the gardens and trees surrounding the property. It is located in a peaceful residential neighborhoods within walking distance to a large grocery store, medical centres and labs, drugstores and hardware stores.  We strive to provide a happy and comfortable atmosphere for our residents. Residents are encouraged to decorate their rooms with items that are meaningful to them and that make them at ease in their surroundings. 

SAFETY: Safety is one of our primary concerns. Our facilities are completely wheelchair and walker accessible with large wheelchair lifts and ramps. The batteries on safety devices, such as smoke detectors, are checked routinely. Residents wear a lifeline necklace and can summon assistance immediately. Fire extinguishers are located at convenient locations throughout the homes. Evacuation plans are posted in conspicuous locations. Our staff and residents participate in fire drills at regular intervals so that everyone knows what is expected of them in case of an emergency. Our common areas are audio monitored twenty-four hours a day, and all exits are equipped with alarms that alert staff members of unauthorized entrances or exits.